Name: Bootleg
Age: 20
Pronouns: She/her
Feeling The current mood of bootlegraven at

Neurotic magical girl trying her best to live.
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I'm a black belt in Taekwondo and have been actively doing it for 9 years!
I have an egg allergy.
My favorite color is pink! (can you tell lol)
I love J-fashion! I primarily dress yumekawaii adjacent.
My favorite media genre is psychological horror.
I enjoy studying psychology and neurology.
I love exploring abandoned locations!(I haven't been able to for awhile though...)
I collect a lot of different stuff(figures, plushes, fidgets, much more)


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Why a website?

So, why did I make a neocities?
I keep rewriting this segment over and over and keep accidentally going on tangents, so I'll just simplify it.

1. The addicting nature of social media

2. The need on social media to turn yourself into a brand.

3. The stripping of creative control from internet users.

4. To spread the message of being your authetic self along with awareness about mental illness and other invisible disabilities.

5. Fuck cringe culture.

Did you know? When you're angry
or anxious
the part of
your brain
that controls
reason and emotional
the prefrontal cortex,
doesn't function properly.
You physically can't
think rationally
in those states
of emotion.

Relax before
you act.

Bandaid dividers by f-loqweres on Tumblr