Daily* gaming log!


Psychonauts 2

I completed every brain completely!!! God I'm so obsessed with this game, I've had the OST stuck in my head all day, I already wanna replay it.

Final Fantasy 14

Getting closer to completing Post-ARR, keep consistently getting blown away by the music in this game.


Psychonauts 2


I desperately neeeed to write an essay on this game, but idk what to focus on, all of it is so so so good. Aaaaa so so good.

I've been slowly trying too 100% the game too.


Psychonauts 2

I actually played this last night but I was in such a shit mood I just didn't feel like writing about it.

Ford all fragments spoilers and Bob's brain spoilers I find Ford so interesting since his character was created when there was so much misinformation and a lot not known about DID, it was still called MPD too.

And though his fragmented mind is portrayed more as a supernatural thing rather than an active disorder I can't help but feel like he lines up a lot with OSDD, I'm no professional and I doubt it was even the intention, that's just what my personal take-away was.

Anyways the reveal that Lucrecia is not only Rax's great aunt, but also that his 'grandma' has been her the entire time and his actual grandma has been dead for awhile was genuinely so fucking insane. Linking Raz even more directly with the psychonauts, and I'm sure this is probably part of why Raz's family hates psychics so much.

Now onto Bob, and holy shit, this one got so much heavier than I expected.

Even if never stated directly verbally, it's clear that Bob is struggling with both alcohol abuse and severe depression due to the loss of Halmut. It is a gutwretching stage and it feels so incredibly real while still balanced with Psychonaut 2's typical silly charm without ever feeling like it's downplaying Bob's pain.

And the fact that the thing that snaps him out of everything is the plant Helmut saying "I didn't actually love him" and him yelling "HELMUT WOULD NEVER SAY THAT" almost made me cry ngl. Their reunion made me so extremely happy. I did spend a solid minute just listening to their back-and-forth and catching up. They need to get Helmut's body back they need to smooch right now right now I LOVE THESE GAY OLD MEN!!!



Absolutely strange that THIS has become my relaxation game.

Anyways I successfully bred a dog with no front legs, his automatic name was Typical and I think that's perfect.

He's cute in a weird fucked up way.

Psychonauts 2

Psi King's brain spoilers I completed Ford's hairdresser section with the intention to talk about it after I finished Helmut's section, then I finished Helmut's section and I NEEEEEED TO TALK ABOUT IT FIRST.

First, weirdly good representation of sensory overload, which would definitely fucking happen if you were an isolated conciousness existing in nothingness for 20 years and suddenly you're existing again.
Second, fantastic panic attack representation, the fact that the best ability to use against it is the slow-down ability is perfect.
Third, I AM OBSESSED WITH THE VISUALS, the hippie 60s Beatles inspired vibes are so so so so good, and I haven't talked about this yet but the music BAAAANGS.
Fourth and final, I got so fucking emotional at the end.

If Helmut and Bob don't share a fat kiss by the end of this I WILL CRY, I am obsessed with these gay old men and I haven't even met one of them yet.

Also his last name is fucking FULLBEAR, he is full bear. Gay bear hippie Jack Black, love him.


Psychonauts 2

Compton's brain spoilers and bowling fragment of Ford spoilers I completed both Compton's section and got the bowling fragment of Ford.

Depicting the fear of judgement and failure as a game show has a perfect blend of comedy and empathy that I love. I also adore Compton he's such a little sweety, I love me some old sweaty man anxiety rep.

I'm about 70% sure that Lucrecia IS Maligula, giving Ford a tragic romance which I'm always a fan of.
This game is genuinely so hard to put down, comedy infused with a genuinely interesting story isn't something you see often.


Psychonauts 2

I'm finally making progress in this game! And I'm starting to really fall in love with it.
I completed Hollis' section and it was great.

Despite never getting the chance to play the original Psychonauts (as much as I want to, if just because how batshit insane it looks) what really got me interested in this game was the fact that actual psychologists were involved in the making of this game, to make sure all of the psychological stuff was accurate.

Also I adore Milla, so much.



I found out that there's an auto mode in the game so I decided to try an experiment and left the game running while I was at work, all I came back to was just an empty world, guess it's not that automatic lol.



I ended up refunding the Sims 3 because I was just not having as much fun as I used to, and I ended up using that money to finally get Wobbledogs!! It's so goofy I'm in love with it, silly guys so so silly.

This is Sidewalk, he is 15 minutes old.


Minami Lane

Completed the main game, short but very very sweet, absolutely loved it, new go-to comfort game for me. I'll probably loop back around to it to 100% the game.


Sims 3

Recently got the game on steam along side the Pets expantion because I was feeling nostalgic and I had recently played Sims 4 and felt bored really quickly. Though I'm not even sure if I'll be playing Sims 3 for very long, my attention span is too short for games like this now I think.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

I'm very mature.


Minami Lane

Grabbed this game on a whim since it's only about 5 USD, it's super relaxing I really like it, highly recommend if you want a chill life sim with very nice music and very cute visuals. I need more games like this.

Pokemon Mysery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

No major game progress I just wanted to say that I brought my DS to work and played on break because I thought it'd be funny.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

FINALLY got passed the Manectric boss, I kept getting bad luck over and over with paralysis and I finally got passed it.

I got Vulpix as my player mon this run and I have a Shinx as my partner since I'm pretty sure that's the only mon I haven't used for a run before. This game has such a special place in my heart, big comfort game.


Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk

Finally got all achievements in this VN, genuinely a masterpiece and great depiction of what it's like to suffer from mental illness.

spoilers for Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk, click to read It's hard to really put into words how much I resonate with this VN, the 2nd death scene in particular feels strangely beautiful and uncomfortably real, seeing the girl falling from her apartment balcony while speaking an online friend that wronged her while speaking like he was never real in the first place made me feel a type of way I can't describe, comfort? disturbed? I don't know.

The ending where she has a dream where she's endlessly texting a pizza delivery number with no real person behind it damn near made me cry if I'm being honest.

Animal Crossing City Folk

New villager has arrived!! Puck, a lazy penguin!! His shirt in the earlier games(or just anything before New Horizons) looks so goofy, it's literally just a black shit with 2 Bs on it. Funny guy.

The Simpsons Hit and Run

Idk what came over me I just had the sudden need to revisit this game, I remember being awful at it as a kid but I also moreso just played it to dick around the world rather than actually completely missions. This game is so silly though, it reminds me that The Simpsons is actually kinda neat.

Final Fantasy 14

minor spoilers for post-ARR, click to read Alphinaud has seriously grown on me, I was admittedly suspicious of him when he was first introduced, but now he's probably the character I'm most invested in, at least for now, Tataru being a close second, she's so cute.

Nanamo crying was an extremely heartbreaking thing to see, I can't blame her honestly I'd have a mental breakdown in her shoes too.


Final Fantasy 14

Instead of actually continuing the main story quest line I've been doing the goofy ass gentlemen quest series and it's genuinely the first time a joke quest has made me actually laugh in any RPG or MMO.

It also makes the player character's blank stare infinitely funnier when she's just staring at a bunch of dumbasses without doing a thing.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

It still makes me so upset that Free Riders sucked so much that it killed any chance for Riders to come back, I adore this racing game duoligy. I genuinely don't understand when people say they don't understand what they're supposed to do when playing it or don't understand it. Though idk if that's a common take anymore

Regardless I lost my save after competely resetting my PC so now I'm going through the story again to unlock everything. I really wanna find people that'd would play this game with me, I need to test my skills.

Sonic The Fighters

Played a bit before my boyfriend left for work, I forgot how fuckin fun this game is, even if it's a little clunky. Plus, it's a fighting game I can be at the same level as with my boyfriend. I'm a Tails main. :)


Animal Crossing: City Folk

Redd unlocked!

Funnily enough the fee of signing up made me not able to afford the painting so I didn't even bother checking if it was the real thing or not.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Found Crasher Wake and went to fight his gym just to get Barry jumpscared and get my ass kicked, it's always Barry I get stuck at, his team is too good.

Final Fantasy 14

As much as I like the twin ponytails I decided to change Kona's hair so it didn't look off whenever she had a hat on, along with some other minor changes, I like how she looks like now a lot more. (This is also now my Discord icon.)


Animal Crossing: City Folk

Our first villager to move out :( bye bye Drake, will miss you.

In other news I'm finally getting an invite to Redd's, so hopefully I can get my hands on some paintings tomorrow.


FInal Fantasy 14

Did some ocean fishing for the first time and it was extremely fun!! Definitly gonna do more fishing in this game.

I gotta get more glamour for my character fr.

I also tried out PVP, which red mage happens to be the absolute worse class for lmao. It was fun in a chaotic way.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum

I finally beat Veilstone's Gym Leader Maylene! I was struggling with this gym extremely hard with my team set-up against her's.
The big problem being her Lucario and that the primary Pokemon I had to rely on was my Azumarill, only reason why the Toxicroak wasn't a problem was because of my Glaceon that (for some reason) has extrasensory and could outspeed it.

I ended up stalling out the Lucario with healing items and then my Banette outsped Lucario taking him down.

This is my team btw.


FInal Fantasy 14

Minor Post-ARR story spoilers ahead, click to read I got to Thornmarch, the first proper 8 player trial I've done. Though I did lose my shit to the boss theme because it sounds so incredibly similar to "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Infinitely funnier because the story starts getting pretty tense right afterwards, complete tonal shift, I called the white arcian a pussy.

I did some fishing grinding today, any game that has a fish mini-game is always an immediate 10/10. Will spend all my time on being the best fisher.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

I've been stuck on the Manectric boss for forever, mostly because I don't have a strong mon against them, I got a vulpix and chose a shinx to be my partner since I've never gotten the chance to do so, hopefully I'll be able to beat it soon.



Spoilers ahead! click to read I went ahead and got The Adversary path and an alternate version of the The Wraith through The Nightmare, honestly really fucking freaky. I'm not sure if all of the protagonist's voices are done by the same guy but if they are he's an insanely good voice actor, the sound of the Voice of the Cold is very unsettling yet oh so perfect.

The theme of The Long Quiet is so hauntingly beautiful, I really love it.

Got to The Tower again, aka the perfect one for people who want a woman that can ruin their life.
Last time I got here I tried resisting, I think I'll go along with it this time.

The Stranger my beloved

Outside of my typical daily stuff, I ran the benchmark for dawntrail to make sure I'll still be able to run the game in the new graphics engine.

Despite my shitty computer it actually ran pretty alright! Kona looks so much better in it too.


I'm starting to get a hang of Red Mage, it honestly might become my main class instead of monk, just need to get better at it.

Today I spent some money on a world transfer so I could join the free company my boyfriend's in, along with that we spent a lot of time at the Golden Saucer, which I absolutely adore, the minigames are so fun, might be my go-to AFK spot now.

Screenshot of our characters, he's a paladin main.

I opened the game to participate in the fishing competition but I admittedly gave up pretty quickly, didn't feel motivated enough, I did finally go see Dr Shrunk though! Love him so much he's so silly, he helped me learn how to express fear.


Spoilers ahead! click to read I always try to 100% every visual novel I read, but this one is definitely gonna take awhile, but god I love this VN so much. Last one I got was the spiral vessel, though I don't think I got the perfect path for it, regardless I loved it.

I'm trying to do this without a guide as much as possible, I might pull up a guide once I at least see every vessel. "Through Conflict" was the first ending I got.


Daily City Folk check! I should probably tell y'all our villagers, currently we have Pate, Mac, Violet, Margie, Curt(one of my boyfriend's favorites), Kiki(one of my favorites), and Bud, I'm definitely forgetting someone but that's the jist

Even though it really doesn't do anything I always find myself going to Brewster's, I just wanna sit and exist in here for a little bit, especially if I can't go out to cafes in real life cuz I gotta save on money.

In FFXIV I'm reaching near the end of ARR(aka where the game's free trial story ends I think? doesn't matter since I'm paying for it now) but I had to grind up for a dungeon so here's an image of my character Kurarin waiting for enemies to respawn for my hunting log

I completed ARR! Now going through post-ARR, I was contemplating maybe making a dedicated page for FFXIV for the story, but I think I'm gonna pass on it.

I was waiting for the moment I could, I have changed Kurarin's appearance!

Her proper first name is Kona btw, full name Kona Kurarin, just not her ingame name(yet), she may be scary looking with her eyes but she's actually extremely hyperactive and bubbly, don't be shy. :)

I'm also starting the quests to unlock both red mage and samurai.


First post on this page! It'll be set up similar to my regular blog but it'll just be about whatever game I'm playing that day that isn't related to an existing log page.

My boyfriend got his hands on a copy of Animal Crossing City Folk and it's genuinely become part of my morning routine. We got Kiki who is one of my favorite villagers ever so I'm extremely happy, now just to hope she never moves out.

The night time music in this game is so nice and nostalgic, the Wii struggles reading the card that we got for it so sadly I can't save the image directly, so here's a photo of my TV trying to capture the magic lol.

Did you know? The supposed 'facts' that women are less likely/can't have developmental disorders such as Autism or ADHD and that men are less likely/can't have emotion-focused disorders such as Bipolar Disorder or BPD are extremely incorrect. Both forcing people to suffer without knowing why.

"Autistic women exist" and "Bipolar men exist" aren't abstract concepts.